Wednesday, September 29

It's Important to Have Enough Salad Dressing

You know how sometimes you order a salad because you're at a pizza place and you feel like you should make at least a half-hearted effort to eat something healthy before your sausage and pepperoni pie arrives? And then you get your salad and you realize they've only given you a pitiful little spoonful of full-fat blue cheese dressing on the side of the plate? Infuriating, amiright? How on earth are you supposed to eat a whole salad with that? What about taste?! Thankfully, there is a place in Brooklyn where this kind of bullshit will never ever happen: my favorite pizzeria, Carmine's on Graham Avenue.

They don't mess around at Carmine's. The pizza pies are big, the bread they give you on your arrival is warm and awesome, and, best of all, me, Jimmy, and whatever friends we happen to drag there are pretty much guaranteed to be some of the skinniest people in the joint (when we sit down).

Also, Carmine's has a lot of respect for salads. They know that you like lettuce and vegetables and stuff but only when you can dunk them in a veritable wave pool of dressing. Hence the cereal bowl full of blue cheese you see up top. Then, when your salad course is over and you're ready to start really eating, you can keep the bowl of dressing and dip your pizza crust all up in there. It's what God intended.

There are also cannolis there.