Monday, October 25

This Dog Is Not Having Fun at This Parade

So I was at the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade last Saturday looking around for dogs dressed up like Sarah Palin, and I saw this poor critter, whose owner had seen fit to dress her up as Scarlet O'hara. It was a great costume, sure. But as I marveled at the amount of effort put forth to construct the unwieldy thing I couldn't help but think that that dog looks pretty miserable.

Sure, that might just be a function of her genetic predisposition to be cloudy-eyed and have her tongue flopped out sideways, but the overall effect was of a Scarlet O'hara that, as God as her witness, most certainly WOULD be hungry again, in fact she's hungry right now and her acid reflux is acting up and she's about to take a dump in her dress and she has an itch down below and why couldn't you have dressed her in a much more comfortable Batman costume and who are all these assholes taking her picture and she doesn't care if they want to burn Atlanta again just get her out of this goddamned dress!