Monday, May 17

Exciting Sightings: Patrick Wilson in Greenpoint

Holy shit, I was WAY too hungover to deal with this properly this morning. I was riding my bike down Driggs on my way to Williamsburg Bridge, my head still throbbing and my eyes still coming uncrusted, and who do I see on the corner of Driggs and Leonard but hunkmonster Patrick Wilson with his son. Apparently his wife is Polish and, because Greenpoint is largely a Polish enclave, they live here so their son can be raised right.

Now, Patrick Wilson came onto my radar about 5 years ago when I saw him naked in a movie. Even better, the movie was Angels in America and he played a tortured gay Mormon who couldn't keep his clothes on, yay! He went on to star a few years later in Little Children, with Kate Winslet, in which he played a stay-at-home daddy who couldn't keep his clothes on, yay!

Anyway, it was kind of a mind-fuck seeing him and his son like that because he looked exactly like his character Brad in Little Children taking his son to the park or the swimming pool. I didn't get a picture of him because I'm shy and it all happened so fast, but if you want an idea of what Patrick Wilson looked like standing on that street, just get the movie Little Children and watch the first scene where he goes to the park with his son. He looked exactly like that!

So I'd like to use this exciting sighting as an opportunity to run some gratuitous photos of smoking hotness. See below. (Cover your children's eyeballs before scrolling down, because of the hotness.)