Wednesday, May 12

This Is My Book, Bitchez

As everyone in the New York publishing world knows, I've got a book coming out, and... what? You didn't know? That I have a book coming out? Soon? Called Tune in Tokyo: The Gaijin Diaries? That I'm self publishing because trade publishing is full of buzzkill retards who only publish books by Sarah Palin? And it will be a trade paperback available on Amazon? And is sure to win the National Book Award, the Booker Prize, and Best Actress in a Leading Role at next year's Oscars? How could you not know this?!

Well, dummies, get thee to the book's website and read all about it. The above copy that I am clutching as if my life depended on it is a "bound proof" that contains "several errors" that I've "already found." But not to worry. They will be fixed! And you will get to read these sweet sweet words in a few short weeks.

P.S. There's cussin' and sexual situations.