Thursday, June 10

Fashion is Important: Hats

As you all know, it's always Fashion Week somewhere in the world, and this week it's Brazil, home of that new ass dance that everyone everywhere is not doing because it's gross and stupid. In Sao Paolo this past Tuesday, the dynamic and vitamin-fortified model above sported a hat designed by the great (?) Erika Ikesili, whose motto is apparently "So what? Who cares?"

"I sayed sew the dead bird feathers onto the hobo hat I pulled from the subway grating, you beetches," she probably said to her starving underlings in her studio during a brainstorming session last season. "Thees hat needs to be ready for Sao Paolo by June and eet must be heeeedeoous!"

In conclusion, Lady Gaga has already worn this hat to a Mets game.