Tuesday, June 15

Important Pornogramercials: The Shake Weight for Men

The other day my good friend Alex wrote to me and told me he couldn't believe that I hadn't blogged about the above ad. After one look at it, I couldn't believe it either. Has there ever been a more erotic commercial in the history of exercise equipment? This is even more hot to the touch than the one for the Ab Rocket. So why haven't I gripped this commercial in my hands and stroked it slowly, assuredly, with both hands?

I don't know! I guess I've been too busy mourning the death of Rue McClanahan? (That's a lie. When Bea Arthur died I was watching a marathon of Abs of Steel for Men on the Gay Fitness Channel THE VERY NEXT DAY.)

All I can say is that I'm glad that now this ad has been blogged. Also: did the folks that designed this device ever stop laughing during every single phase of production? Was it pitched on a dare? And what was the launch party like?

I'll update this post when I have answers to these questions.