Wednesday, February 2

Crazy Blue Furry Offers Any Tom, Dick, or Harry a "Bouncy Ride" at the Lorimer L Stop

Ah, the Lorimer L Subway Station--it's where things happen. You know how you're getting really f-ing tired of riding the subway every day but you've been forced to leave your tricycle at home and spelunk down to the L train for the past few weeks because of the snow-smothered streets? Well, sometimes being forced to ride in a diseased underground aluminum can with a slew of other human sardines allows you to witness poetry in motion upon alighting at your destination. To wit: this random blue furry bouncing around on a bench and startling me as I looked up from my Philip K. Dick book that features a book that tells the future and which probably foretold the arrival of a bouncy blue furry but I missed it. (Also the cover is blue... Coincidence?!). This furry held a sign saying "Free Bouncy Rides," naturally, but unfortunately he wouldn't stop bouncing long enough for me to get a decent picture.

So did anyone take him up on his offer? To bounce? And ride?

Not to my knowledge. But I haven't finished the book yet, so who knows?