Friday, July 3

Harm and Devastation: Sarah Palin Resigns, NOOOOO!!

Both of you who follow this blog know that I am a big Sarah Palin fan. How could I not be, when she gave me her first on-the-record interview as Vice Presidential candidate of America? I'm loyal, y'all, and even though I hate her guts, I will stand by her in whatever decision she makes, even if that decision involves RESIGNING AS GOVERNOR OF ALASKA, boooooooooooh!!

It's the librul media what did it, course. (Has Michele Bachman's head exploded yet? Note to self: check on that.)

Join hands with me, folks, and let's travel down memory lane with the See Tim Blog anthology of manic autumn '08 Palin blogging. It'll be like one of those Golden Girls episodes when they just sit, eat cheesecake, and reminisce about their past antics so as not to have to come up with a new episode idea. A clip show, yes! Enjoy.