Thursday, July 2

Jukebox: The Peanuts Gang vs. Belle and Sebastian

This is one of the most perfect youtubes ever made, and as you know, there are a lot of perfect youtubes. It is perfect because it brings together two things that 100% make sense when put together: the Peanuts gang dancing and a song by twee-as-f**k Scottish band Belle and Sebastian that could have been written by Schroeder.

This song, "There's Too Much Love," includes the most exhilarating string refrain of the '00s--the best one in fact, since Echo and the Bunnymen's "Silver," way back in '84, which I would link to a clip of if I could. (Really, youtube? No video of E and the BM's "Silver" featuring those awesome awesome strings? You offer every single season of Golden Girls--thanks, by the way--but no one in the known universe has even a dang audio clip of "Silver"? Do I have to do everything?)

Jesus God, anyway, the soaring strings on this B & S track, which come in at about the 1:28 mark, are so gorgeous it's enough to force a tear from this grown-up gay. Listen to this loud and just try to keep your eyes from welling up a little when lead singer Stuart Murdoch starts "ahhhh"ing faintly above the strings at 2:34.