Wednesday, November 3

Cage Matches I'd Like to See

Jimmy and Tim discuss the issues of our times:

Tim: You know what I'd like to see? A Michelle Obama-Sarah Palin cage match.
Jimmy: That'd be good.
Tim: Totally. Poor Michelle sure deserves one.
Jimmy: Except Sarah Palin would win.
Tim: Nu-uh. Michelle would sling Sarah's ass all over the damn place. She's from the south side of Chicago! And Sarah called her husband a terrorist!
Jimmy: Doesn't matter. Michelle's not inherently evil and crazy like Sarah Palin. So Sarah will win.
Tim: Interesting world view.
Jimmy: Sad but true.
Tim: Is it wrong that I really want Michelle to tear Sarah's face off and feed it to Bo the dog?
Jimmy: I'd rather see Sasha and Malia do that.