Thursday, February 11

Late Night with SeeTimBlog, Jimmy Fallon Edition, UPDATED, WITH MORE HOT PICS!

So! I went to the Jimmy Fallon program at Rockefeller Center with my other boyfriend Alex and his wife Asia yesterday and managed to get myself on camera, yay! We actually had seats that didn't lend themselves to getting us on camera, so sadly Asia and Alex were rarely seen, but I was seen a few times, because I'm gay, and the teevee cameras love the gays.

The guests were legendary talk show host Dick Cavett, Project Runway season 4 winner Christian Siriano, and awesome Brooklyn band Yeasayer. You know what's funny 'n ironic? Well, remember my post from a few days ago in which I talked a bunch of smack about the word "fierce" and the people that use it? Well, Christian Siriano is the gayboy who basically mainstreamed the term, alongside "hot mess," and "hot tranny mess." I felt like I was being mocked by NBC, Jimmy Fallon's bookers, and fashion. (Then again, I always feel like I'm being mocked by fashion.)

My favorite moment of the entire show came during Christian's interview when they were talking about his catchphrases and Dick Cavett asked him if he was the one who came up with "dont look so schmucky." In response Christian says, "n-no. That wasn't me. That was Tyra."

Anyway, strain your eyes looking for me in the video clips below. I'm one of the the disembodied heads on the right.


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I pledge allegiance to Christian Siriano