Wednesday, February 17

Is Featuring Characters with Down syndrome on TV Now a Swipe at Trig Palin? [UPDATED THIS IS AWESOME OH MY GOD]

Can someone please please PLEASE tell me what was so offensive about the Family Guy Down syndrome joke the other night? I mean besides it being lame. How exactly was it offensive to Sarah 'n Bristol 'n Trig 'n Todd 'n Wasilla? Huh? Really, I want to know! I'm not defending the joke. How can I? I don't really understand what it was.

Here's the scenario, in case you live in an Alaskan cave: The blonde teen boy voiced by Seth Green on the show goes out to dinner with a girl in his high school who has Down syndrome. He asks her what her parents do. She says her father does something and that her mother is the former governor of Alaska. That's it! That's the offense. Question mark?

I mean, this character was actually pretty cool. She was headstrong, kinda bitchy, and didn't put up with any shit. She also had Down syndrome. Besides the lame Palin joke there was absolutely NOTHING that was offensive about her. So is the offense that she was depicted on teevee in the first place? That she behaved like a normal bitchy teenager? Tell me, dear readers, I want to know.

This whole controversy is fucking retarded. Palin, please log off.

OMG Andrea Fay Friedman—the best, most gifted actress in the entire f*king universe—has responded to Palin with the sweetest burn ever and you MUST read it it is awesome!!! She has Down syndrome and the most kick-ass sense of humor baby Jesus ever created.