Wednesday, July 15

Opposite Frog Marriage Under Attack?: Gay Frog Marriage Now Legal in India

This is a great day for gay amphibians everywhere. But whither the so-called "opposite" marriages of straight caeciliae, newts, and chameleons South African ghost frogs across the world? Aren't they now completely undermined?

The answer is no. Just because a homosexual tree frog, toad, or salamander is genetically predisposed to falling in love with another tree frog, toad, or salamander of the same gender doesn't mean that the ultimate expression of that love--marriage (and hot tree frog, toad, or salamander sex)-- should have any impact whatsoever on his straight brethren. Sometimes, you know, a butterfly flaps its wings in India and nothing else happens as a result in another part of the world! (Interesting aside: gay butterfly marriage has always been legal, everywhere, because there actually are no straight butterflies.) So in this case, two gay frogs in West Bengal get married. And somehow--somehow--the marriages of all the Appalachian trail's straight newts are still as strong as ever (unless, you know, one of them ends up in Argentina).

This would also be true of gay human marriage if it weren't for Leviticus.