Wednesday, August 19

Hello Kitty and Friends Dispatched to Hong Kong Mall to Rescue Lost Shoppers

The three lost shoppers, flanked by Team Kitty, greet the public after wandering around an underground shopping mall hallway for hours without Facebook or Twitter access.
Bill Clinton isn't the only famous person who can swoop into Asia to save/charm the laydeez. Hello Kitty has her powers, too. These three Hong Kong shoppers thought they were taking an elevator down to a special sale on barrettes, but they ended up in a tortuous dark hallway with no exits and no bargain bins. Even worse, because this hallway was deep underground (halfway to America!), they couldn't update their Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace pages with their "lost" status.

Thankfully, Hello Kitty, Japan's most licensed character by freaking miles, knows when there are shoppers in trouble. She made quick work of finding the sad subterranean Hong Kong ladies and returning them to ground level, where they showed their appreciation by making a beeline to the Kitty Lab exhibition celebrating Kitty's 35th anniversary and buying a bunch of dumb Hello Kitty bullsh*t.

Hello Kitty is next off to LA, where she will save Lindsay Lohan from herself.