Saturday, August 15

North Carolina Republicans Still Dumb (After All These Years)

Ok, I'm still on vacation, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't post the above front page photo from Raleigh's News and Observer, which greeted my smiling face from the window of an Atlantic Beach newspaper box this morning.

Click the photo for hilarity.

You know, ever since Jesse Helms left the national stage of the U.S. Senate in Washington, DC and retired in my hometown of Raleigh, NC (more time to spend looking at all his Robert Mapplethorpe coffee table books in his secret office/kitten dungeon down in the basement, I guess)--and then worse, actually died, North Carolina has gotten short shrift in the national media when it comes to the prominent display of crazy dumb white people spouting about the coloreds through their jowls. That's just not right, because God knows, the crazy didn't leave North Carolina when Jesse did.

So thank baby Jesus for this health care debate, am I right? The dingbats were out in full force, 250 strong outside US Senator Kay Hagan's Raleigh office to oppose health reform and urge for greater regulation of birth certificates (no darkies). (If you haven't noticed the mistake in the woman on the left's sign yet, just hurry up and read the top line.)

Pure. Poetry.

My brother Kevin and I were just discussing what she would answer if you asked her what socialism was, and we both agreed that if she said "Nazis" you had permission to beat her upside the head.

And who is she kidding anyway? That bitch don't scrimp on the pubic option.

UPDATE: It appears the N and O has cropped the Photo of the Year on their website. Look here:

Freedom Works must have sent in their goons.

Oh, and just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean you shouldn't be having fun, so here's a video of Jack Imel tap dancing and playing the xylophone, just like I used to do while locked in the band closet in middle school during lunch.