Tuesday, August 17

Back from the Brink

No, I didn't go to Hawaii, Obama's fake hometown. I went to the NC coast. But being so close to this refrigerator magnet in my brother's kitchen in Raleigh really made me feel like I was in Hawaii.

I took this picture mere minutes before being told by my brother that my momma is now officially a birther. She has Internet knowledge from the email that tells her there's a Kenyan preacher who is going to drop a bomb and prove once and for all that Obama is a half-breed Muslin who was born in Kenya, not a half-breed Muslin that was born in Hawaya. (In mom's defense, she didn't say it in these words; the Internet did.)

THIS IS DISAPPOINTING. I spent the entire autumn of 2008 debunking every stupid lie about Obama that mom was forwarded by the Listserv of Hysteria that she belongs to. I even had her agreeing that Sarah Palin was "probably" not ready to be president. What happened? Socialism, I guess.

If mom starts calling herself a "Mama Grizzly" I will cut my ears off.