Friday, April 29

Ice Princess Meagan Duhamel to Eric Radford: "Don't Touch Me There"

How many times have you been on an ice-skating rink with your partner and he lifts you in the air and you're all ready to do your thing with your jazz hands and such, and then your partner just stone cold touches you inappropriately? Like, right above your hot ass? Too many times, am I right? Well, Meagan Duhamel was not about to allow Eric Radford to pull such a stunt during their routine at the ISU Figure skating World championships in Moscow. Like any great woman in history who has been publicly wronged by a man, like Hillary Clinton or Ayn Rand or Miss Piggy, Meagan called him out to his face. In his face. With her elbow. The way it should be done.

Maybe next time they're on the ice Eric will be more likely to grab her where we queens of the ice are supposed to be grabbed during these ice skating displays—not above that hot, plump, luscious ass, but directly on it.