Saturday, March 14

Jukebox: Ornella Muti, aka Princess Aura from Flash Gordon

We all know that the best part about the Internet is that you can so easily keep tabs on what various Flash Gordon cast members have been up to since their 1980 heyday. It's true! For example, I now know that Melody Anderson, who played Dale Arden, is a family therapist in Los Angeles. And Sam J. Jones, Flash Gordon himself, has lent his considerable acting chops to such memorable television series as Silk Stalkings, Hollywood Safari, Psychotic, and Dead Sexy, more often than not playing a character named Sam Jones. Also: the two of them recently teamed up to record a commentary podcast for the film, which I recently downloaded and listened to on my iPod while watching my Flash Gordon: Savior of the Universe special edition DVD. (In related news, I'm a sad, desperate, lonely person.)

But what about Princess Aura, the never fully dressed sexpot Euro-bitch who stole the entire movie out from under Max Von Sydow? Ornella Muti had a solid film career brewing before Flash Gordon, so what on earth has she been up to since then? Well, dancing with a bunch of veils, for one. Whispering seductively, for another. Above you will find a recent single/video she unleashed on the European public. She's not exactly singing per se, but why don't you try vocalizing after having the bore worms put on you at such a young age?