Monday, March 30

My Camera Phone Loves Comedy/Literacy/Beauty Queens

My shitty camera phone and I attended the Behind the Book Comedy Night (a benefit to get books in the hands of kids in poor and underfunded NYC neighborhoods) last Saturday at the East Village Comedy Club and got some great grainy pics. And because I never pass up the opportunity to be photographed with beauty queens, I present to you me and Miss Metropolitan (she's the one with the tiara), who was there for some reason and will be competing in the Miss New York pageant soon (and, if all goes well, will go on to the Miss America pageant).

"So what's your talent?" I asked, hoping it would be baton twirling. "I sing opera," she answered, and I immediately felt unworthy to be in her presence, because, wow, that's an actual talent. Anyway, the comedians on hand were great, if slightly unnerved by the staid, largely white NPR-listening audience made up of folks who feel guilty about laughing at Obama jokes.

Godfrey, the black guy from 30 Rock who isn't Tracy Jordan, does a really great Indian accent.

Todd Barry at one point reprimanded us for missing our cue to laugh.

I have no idea who this guy was, but he was adorable. His set was waaaay too short, like 5 minutes. I'd been undressing him with my eyes and hadn't even gotten past his waistband.