Friday, June 19

Anyone Else Kind of Tired of Seeing Edie Falco and Her Trusty Syringe All Over the Dang Place?

We all love Edie Falco. Even if she were a sh*tty actress, her name alone would demand our respect. And the first time we saw her in those advertisements for the new Nurse Jackie series on Showtime with that "Deal with it" expression on her face, we felt happy that she was going to be on teevee again. That was last month, though, and in the mean time, Edie's mug/syringe combo pic has spread like an STD throughout Manhattan and the five boroughs. It's freaking everywhere: on the subway, street billboards, fruit stand umbrellas, the sides of buses, children's temporary face tattoos, you name it. I even saw it on a discarded coffee cup that had been trampled upon and was lying face up in the street. (That's no way to treat Edie. After all she's done for you.)

I know Showtime followed the same "saturate the market" approach with Dexter, but it's somehow different this time. It's not the syringe. God knows I have no fear of them bitches--I've been using them to inject myself with insulin for 20 years now.

Maybe it's the haircut? No, it's not the haircut. The haircut is awesome. Must be the rubber gloves.

In any case, Showtime, we get the message now: Edie's back on teevee and she looks kinda pissed.

See below for two more hastily snapped and criminally bad-quality pictures of Nurse Jackie.

There are actually three Nurse Jackies in this one. Click on the pic and look on down the road.

You get a free 1/2 cc syringe with every purchase of a Grannie Smith at this fruit stand.