Monday, June 22

This Week in Moonlighting

Isn't it awesome when you're hanging out at a party with your two best friends in the news business--journalism's #1 tranny Andrea Mitchell and the guy who combs Chuck Todd's goatee--and you realize that there is a star bartender in your midst? It's so great. It's fun to see someone famous for doing one thing try their hand at something else. Reminds me of the time I was at that art opening in the Lower East Side with Ted Koppel's wife and I watched George Stephanopolous perform a DJ set. (He played a bunch of Moby, though, ick.)

Anyway, the after-party I went to last weekend following the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner in the magestic slum of Washington, DC was made all the more magical by the appearance of Ms. Rachel Maddow behind the bar, looking like a Hardy Boy or something.

Ok, fine, I'm lying. I wasn't even INVITED to this party. But I know someone (hi, Hilary!) who has penetrated the well-guarded repository of digital snapshots from the evening (a bank vault-like monstrosity known as Flickr) and so I'm bestowing upon my dear readers the fruits of my insideriness: the above photo. You're welcome.