Sunday, June 14

Sincerity Corner: This Photo is Pure Poetry

If you haven't been following the election aftermath in Iran over the weekend, you really should be. It's amazing to watch what is happening. Our last administration of Manichean retards did their best to demonize the entire country over the past eight years--the neocons are STILL disappointed we haven't bombed them yet--but the fact remains: a country's regime is not it's people, and this is especially true with the people of Iran. Yes, there are rural religious nutbags in Iran that wholeheartedly support fellow religious nutbag Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is really just Ayatollah Khamenei's performing monkey anyway. But the fact remains that, judging from the amazing demonstrations taking place, the people--and especially the younger generation--are sick to death of the bullsh*t.

So, to the above photo. The guy in the center in the green shirt is a supporter of "defeated" reformist challenger Mir-Hossein Mousavi. It is these supporters who are so upset by the declaration of Ahmadinejad as the winner (laughably, by a landslide) and calling the election a fraud, which, let's be honest, it f*cking is. (Read about it here.) So, the guy in the green shirt--he is helping a riot police officer who has been injured by the green shirt guy's fellow protesters. Yes, he is tending to a guy whose job it was to put down the green protests, with violence if necessary. Words fail me.

Below, a video of protesters shouting "Death to the dictator!" Something is happening in Iran, eerily close to the anniversary of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, China in 1989. Thankfully, the Iranian regime will be hard pressed to scrub these protests from the official record.

And more footage from what is coming to be known as the Green Revolution.