Thursday, June 18

Finally, an Exciting Alternative to the L Train

My friend Kristen thinks hot dudes look good in pink.

There are many things to hate about the L train. It's slow and full of unhappy people. It's too bright. It stops under the East River interminably and make you wonder if you'll ever see the sun and sky again. And, worst of all, it has no pictures of naked men anywhere. And even if it does, there's usually some woman next to him, and who wants that? No, if you're like me (which you probably are) you don't want to see a picture of one stripped 'n ripped dude staring at you with bedroom eyes; you want a whole gaggle of 'em. So I was happy to see this Playgirl van parked off of Metropolitan yesterday, which I plan on riding to work every day from now on, I don't care who's driving or how long it takes or what the dress code is.