Monday, February 16

Secrets of Lost Revealed: Sawyer is Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock!

The teevee show Lost is full of mysteries wrapped in conundrums folded into enigmatic webs of baffling intrigue. And, of course, so was Fraggle Rock. It can't be denied that the long-forgotten children's show from the 1980s created by dearly departed Jim Henson prefigured Lost in so many ways: A group of creatures living in primitive circumstances, constantly plagued by monsters and other beings trying to kill them, always singing songs and playing makeshift bongos, periodically seeking solace from an all-knowing trash heap. It's amazing to me that no one has made these connections before me.

Lost cast (above) and Fraggle Rock cast (below). I mean, honestly, what's the difference?

Anyway, Sawyer from Lost and Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock were clearly separated at birth. Either that....or they are the same person! This has wild and mind-boggling implications for the secrets yet to be revealed as Lost continues its fifth and, next year, its sixth and final season. Does the island sit atop the Fraggle caves? Are the Fraggles part of the Dharma Initiative? Will they emerge and sing a song about it? Will they be tortured by Sayid? Will Kate sleep with Gobo? (Probably yes.)

All will be revealed.