Friday, April 24

Shootin' It: In Which Jimmy and Tim Discuss the Pressing Issues of the Day

Keepin' it Large

While watching a scene in Damages where coked-up Ted Danson is screwing some woman in a car, Jimmy and I discuss what our cat Stella gets up to during the day when we're at work.

Jimmy: She f**ks random cats in the alleyway.
Tim: She does what?!
J: Yeah, she f**ks cats in the alleyway and does a bunch of coke.
T: Shit! Now, does she do coke before she goes down to the alleyway or does she go to the alleyway for coke?
J: Oh, she has her own stash up here.
T: So she goes down to the alleyway just for sex.
J: Yes. Jesus, she's not a coke whore.
T: That's my girl.

Stella is not a coke whore.