Friday, January 15

Fox's Expanding Brains Trust

I'm surprised there's been no mention, in the aftermath of the Bill O'Reilly reacharound with Sarah Palin (is that sexist? Towards O'Reilly?), of the fact that, when they started chattin' about North and South Korea over there, namely her alleged lack of understanding of why they are separate countries, Palin didn't offer any nuggets of stone cold knowledge learnin' about the Korean peninsula in her defense. She could have smirked 'n rolled her eyes (as she does), brought on the "high school bitchy" that Tina Fey famously referenced, and made some statement about how of COURSE she knows about the history of the DMZ and whatnot, proving forever that she can at least make an effort to Know Things. But she didn't and O'Reilly didn't even ask her to, deferentially. It was a gaping hole in the conversation.

Bill: You know about North and South Korea, right?
Sarah: Of course.
Bill: Good enough. Now, tell me this: why are you so gorgeous?

And how much do you wanna bet that Palin's answer to the question "Which of the Koreas is your favorite" would be: "All of 'em."