Thursday, January 28

Depressing Tests I Can Ace: Pew's Political News IQ Test

Wow. I don't remember the last time I made a 100 on a test. (Myers-Briggs?) Sadly, the fact that I correctly answered every single one of the 12 questions on the Pew Research Center's Political News IQ Quiz doesn't garner me anything tangible like an island vacation or a lifetime supply of tape. No, I only get to lie back and enjoy feeling superior to 98% of other general public humans in my grasp of random factoid knowledge, yay! (This is scary because one of the questions was "How many fingers is President Nancy Pelosi holding up in this picture?") Click the above snapshot for evidence of intelligent life in my head.

My show on MSNBC will be called Over Here, Dummies with Tim Anderson. Sarah Palin will be my Andy Richter until we're cancelled by Jay Leno.