Tuesday, January 19

My (New) Camera Phone Will Not Be Denied: Stella in Her Chair

Folks, this past Sunday I officially became Mr. Fancy Pants. That's right, I got a smart phone. It's the Verizon HTC Droid phone thing, and it's kinda awesome. As a young space nerd, I always dreamed of one day going shopping for a droid, though in the dream I was always shopping with shirtless Han Solo in a landspeeder. But whatever, I now have a droid of my own and now can just sit back and wait for the imbedded message from Princess Leia to activate when I clean it.

One thing I was concerned about, though, was that if I indeed sold my Swatch watch collection to get a decent phone, the camera would take pictures that were way too high in quality. Because that wouldn't do. Thankfully, as you can see from the above picture of my cat looking like a bored gargoyle, the quality of my camera phone pictures will remain low, hooray!

Because blog consistency is important.