Monday, January 18

Shootin' It, In Which Jimmy and Tim Discuss the Issues of Our Times. Tonight: The Golden Globes

Tim and Jimmy and Jennifer and Gerard

Jimmy: Wow, Jennifer Aniston looks great.

Tim: You think so? Me too! I'm so glad to hear you say that. You know, she's my best friend in this recurring dream I have.

Jimmy: Yeah, I know that dream.

Tim: I'm surprised. I always took you for an Angelina queen.

Jimmy: Her? God no. She's fucking scary looking.

Tim: Right?! Don't you wish Brad Pitt would dump her for Monique?

Jimmy: Hmmm. Monique wouldn't be my first choice.

Tim: But at least second or third, right? But back to Jennifer. She's totally getting fucked by that dude.

Jimmy: We don't know that.

Tim: That is the look of a woman who is getting fucked and good. She knows she's probably going on the Worst Dressed List in the morning because of that slit in her dress, but she doesn't care because 'fuck all y'all, I'm getting a deep dickin' from Gerard Butler."

Jimmy: Or from Monique.