Monday, July 19

The Notice I Deserve

So Jimmy and I were watching the news the other night when a story about bedbugs came on. This topic fills us with mortal fear and dread, because, come on, bedbugs, yikes, good Lord. I was standing up and getting ready to strip down and get in the shower, but when the bedbug story came on, I stopped what I was doing and slowly, shakily, lowered myself to the couch, never once taking my eyes off the horrible teevee screen.

Any bedbugs story on the news is going to be rife with horror, but this one had an extra bit of random weirdness that gave me a start: early in the report (at around 00:28 in the above clip), my bobbing, bike-helmeted, disembodied head can be seen floating along the bottom of the screen. What? Yes. It's me. (Few other humans have this bike helmet.) On the screen. In a story about bedbugs. Is this foreshadowing?