Thursday, July 1

Tina Fey Will Now Brush Your Cat's Teeth

As if she's not busy enough with handling her television show and movie career, answering the many frenetic 'n frantic fan letters she gets from frothing-at-the-mouth Sarah Palin fans, and babysitting Trig, now apparently Tina Fey has been hired by some pet grooming shop in Chelsea to brush felines' canines. At least that's what I'm assuming from the looks of this (CREEPY) painting sitting in the window of the shop showing an emotionless Tina Fey and her amazing mechanical arm just stone cold going to town on some kitty's chops. She will brush those fucking teeth with a scouring pad until they fucking glisten!

Ease up, Tina! Jesus, you're gonna kill that cat. And anyway, you're good at all the other stuff you do, you don't HAVE to be good at this. Leave it to the professionals and go help Judah Friedlander with his teeth.