Friday, April 16

Hawt Karaoke Picz

Back on Wednesday night, when most real ‘Mercans were hard at work on their tea party costumes for the Tax Day protest and feverishly looking up words like obamanation and fashist in the dictionary so they don’t get called out by the librul media for bad spelling when they descend upon the nation’s capital to be retarded, my friends Sarah, Roth, and I were at the Matchless bar in Greenpoint trying to figure out the best way to help Obama destroy America. Our consensus: karaoke singing!

So above you have Roth wrapping her stealthy pipes around “I Can’t Tell You Why” by . . . who is that by again, Roth? Some bearded ‘70s fucker, no? (Answer: several ‘70s bearded fuckers, the Eagles! I’m kind of disappointed it wasn’t Loggins and Messina.)

Next up was me, doing my famous rendition of Heart’s “Alone.” See how I’m pantomiming the lyrics “I wonder where you are tonight/no answer on the telephone”? It’s called art. (For more on my feelings about this song, visit here.)

And lastly but certainly not leastly, here is Sarah singing Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” which she dedicated to Jesus and Imelda Marcos.