Tuesday, April 20

Booh, Chachi is a Wingnut :(

Wow. How have I missed all this craziness? Scott Baio has lost his damn mind. Jezebel has a rundown of the once-great Scott Baio's hilarious and sad Internet meltdown. Baio and his wife are both hideous web monsters, yikes! They're generating so many Internet memes so fast our computers are all about to explode and shut down Iceland's airspace.

Y'all, he wasn't like this when he was with me in my dreams in the 80s. What happened? Has he always been a smug hateful asshole or did those traits develop over time, like when his career ended? (Did I type that?) And I always like to think that you can count on the woman in a man's life to set him right, but Scott Baio's wife is just as bad. She has invented and used the insult SHITASS to describe a person, for God's sake. Gross.

How can the man that played Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development be this terrible?

The answer is socialism.

UPDATE: This is worse than I thought. Jimmy's new term of endearment for me is "far left lesbian shitass."