Thursday, April 29

Sean Hayes is Unpleasant

Sean Hayes is one of television history's biggest gaywads, and this is just a fact. He played Jack on Will and Grace for many years and was pretty funny usually many times often. Sometimes annoying but mostly funny, like most gays we all know and are. But there was always something weird about how he wasn't openly gay, right? I'm right, right? Weird, correct?

He recently officially came out in an interview in the Advocate, which apparently is still published. The interview was billed as "the interview you've waited 12 years to read." Um, not really, but ok.

Here's the thing: Sean Hayes has had basically two prominent acting roles: his first one was in a gay movie (they're called gayvies) called Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and the second one was Jack in Will and Grace. It would seem that the whole "being gay in public" thing would be a resolved issue. Yet he's always been cagey about his gayness and why is that?!

He claims he's was never "in" and that he is what he is and all that. But he never gave interviews to the gay press. Which is fine, I guess. The gay press is annoying, and not every gay man has to be a poster boy, God knows. Moreover and additionally, he clearly kept mum because he didn't want to ruin his chances of landing straight roles, which is a little hilarious, but just a little, so stop laughing! But come on. Some things are as plain as the gay nose on your face. Accept it and move on.

In a way I feel for him. But I just think Sean Hayes is weird. Something about this whole johnny-coming out-lately thing seems so anachronistic, like it would have been news in the 90s, but now it's like, "yeah, and where's the sex tape, Nancy?" And he comes out in advance of his debut appearance as a straight character on Broadway. That's verging on sketch comedy territory.

And did you listen to his interview with Terry Gross? Uncomfortable. She asked him why now, why come out in the Advocate interview now, and he said "So we wouldn't have to talk about it." Which obviously worked.