Wednesday, April 28

My Camera Phone Will Not Be Denied: Joan Rivers

Sometimes when I'm walking down 23rd Street in search of snacks after work I see stars. Real big stars. Once I saw Uma Thurman getting out of an Escalade to attend the premier of her new movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend at the Clearview Chelsea Cinema. (Uma really needs Quentin Tarrantino back in her life.)

Well, the Tribeca Film Festival is alive and writhing at the Chelsea, and because I'm really just a starf*cker at heart, I've been gawking and gaping over the past few days to see whom I might seduce. Who will it be today? Brad Pitt? Richard from Lost? The lead singer of A-ha?

Oh look, Joan Rivers.

Anyone else? No? Just Joan Rivers? You sure?

[eye roll, sigh]

Gimme the damn camera phone.